Gun surgery – part three

Gan Jarrah – part three

Various factories are currently operating in the field of procurement. Iman Shafagostar company excels in providing the best quality materials. The quality of fabric is very important in the field of preparation and production of medical products. The type of thread used in the stitches of surgeons should be first class, which will double the quality and strength of the stitches. The possibility of any seam in the sewing of these clothes should be ruled out. The elastic band used in the surgeon’s sleeve is the strength of the other surgeon’s sleeves, with a real elastic band and a width of 6 cm. As we said, the packaging must be supplied individually in separate packaging.

Sometimes, non-sterile gowns may be used in areas other than the operating room, but sterile gowns are required in the operating room. Guns are usually either sterilized with ethylene oxide or gamma and are discarded after one use. Sterile, these guns have an expiration date and cannot be used after a period of time passes from their production date. Cloth gowns are usually washed and sterilized after use and reused. But disposable guns that are sterilized with gas or radiation deprive the gun of the possibility of reuse.

Gowns are not only a part of hospital clothing for surgeons, but gowns are also used to cover patients. There are 2 ways to cover patients in hospitals in different departments, just like surgeons: single-use and multi-use.

Single-use gowns, like surgical gowns, are made of spunbond fibers, and reusable gowns are made of fabric.

The patient’s gown is usually not required to be sterile and is often purchased and prepared by the patient himself. The important difference between the surgeon and the patient is in the wrist area, the patient’s body does not have the surgeon’s wrists and bandages, because the nurse needs to regularly raise the patient’s sleeve and measure the patient’s blood pressure or tap the head and administer drugs through Insert the serum into the patient’s body, as the wrist band will cause discomfort.

The patient gown, unlike the surgeon gown, may be made in many different colors. As we said, the surgeon’s gown is usually green, blue or gray, but the patient’s gown may be made in happy colors such as pink, purple, lilac, yellow, etc. depending on the taste of the hospital management and staff. The first goal is to distinguish patients from different departments and secondly to create a happy mood in patients by wearing colored disposable clothes.

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